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Impoverished child in Africa

A Plea from Heaven

To help humans suffering

They Are More Impoverished and Hungry in Africa Than You May Realize

When Ascended Master Kuan Yin first came to me with a plea to start a charity, She put me through the pain of watching many movie-level visions showing me how many are suffering in truly miserable conditions. Africa was one of the top priorities that she showed me. She explained with great sadness and pain Her sorrow, and Heaven’s, regarding the level of suffering that they endure. She then asked me to do several things. First, to start a charity to help the suffering in the world. Second, to focus on developing countries where the quality of life is in a much more dire state than that of the US. Third, to reveal my visions and messages to educate you, so that you would have the information and the chance (the choice) to intervene and help rescue your fellow brothers and sisters from their painful circumstances.


The visions I experienced broke my heart. Kuan Yin showed me thin, frail people lying around on dirt floors reduced to skin and bones, starving to death. She sent me many vision-movies of children in this debilitated condition, too, starving and looking like they were losing their will to live.

Young impoverished boy in Africa
Young impoverished girl in Africa eating beans from a bowl

Rescue the Suffering

Kuan Yin didn’t just ask me to begin this work. She begged me. She pleaded to me to help Her rescue the impoverished. Please consider the works of Our charity, Angels Among Us Foundation, Our plea to you to help those living in severe pain and suffering each and every day. 

Lighting red votive prayer candles at altar

How can I help?

Please take to heart the messages that this beautiful Asian Goddess, the Goddess of Mercy & Compassion, is asking of you, and that I am asking as well, and please help bring relief to the sick, homeless, and starving.


Blessings & Namaste,

Oracle Maureen

AAUF Founder

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