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Ethiopian Crisis


The Vision

Help Ethiopia

Horrific Ethnic Cleansing Crisis


You may be unaware of a violent crisis that is happening in Ethiopia. Sadly, the lack of news coverage is deliberate. The Ethiopian government has been blocking journalists and making it difficult for them to cover the tragedies. They are doing this because they are (also) guilty of committing horrific acts of violence. 


But, Heaven wants you to know what is happening, what is really happening - so that you do something to help people who have suffered some of the most atrocious acts possible and who are still in danger of suffering these abuses. The United Nations is investigating both parties in the war for "crimes against humanity" and "war crimes." I couldn't be happier because of what I had to see. I know both sides are guilty and need to be stopped. Now!


A few weeks ago, I was given a very painful vision that showed brutal crimes happening in Ethiopia and was asked to tell you this so you would help them.


Warning: Sensitive material is now coming. Please be advised.


I awoke from a sound sleep to being devastated by a vision that showed soldiers gang-raping women in Ethiopia. The vision was given to me in a 'softened' way so I could tolerate having to witness it, but I fully felt the pain and horror of the women's situation and the depth of evil and malice in the soldiers’ behavior.


While I was watching these brutal assaults, Jesus said, "the women and children in Ethiopia are in danger of these attacks. Tell them (you) they need help."


Christ then went on to tell me that more violent acts are being committed against innocent villagers by the soldiers who are currently fighting a war. This was equally terrifying to hear. 


Jesus said they are also committing "massacres, torture killings, and child rapes." When He said "torture killings,” He gave me the sensation of my ear being cut off. When He said "massacres," He showed me a scene of innocent men, women, and children being gunned down in a senseless diabolic manner. 


Why is There a War in Ethiopia?

There is a long history of fighting in Ethiopia. This current phase erupted when the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) attacked federal troops in November 2020. At least 1,000 officers were kidnapped, and an undetermined number were killed by TPLF insurgents. This sparked a retaliatory strike by government forces and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. TPLF was the dominant force in Ethiopia's coalition government before Nobel Prize-Winning Prime Minister Ahmed took office in 2018.


Now the Ethiopian government forces and their allies are fighting against the TPLF and their allies. TPLF has been the ruling party of the country's northern region for just over a year and has gained more support. Up to eight more rebel groups have joined them recently.


What Has Happened to Innocent Villagers Because of this War?

Numerous acts of violence and cruelty have been committed on innocent and vulnerable villagers at the hands of both the Ethiopian soldiers and their opposition, the TPLF. For the last year, tens of thousands of people have been killed; thousands have been driven out of the Tigray Region and nearly 400,000 are starving in a famine-level state.


What Are They Fighting Over?

For power, control, and land.


Jesus said: 


"They are being tortured due to their ethnicity. There is a battle going on over power and control for Ethiopia's land and governing powers."


The two opposing sides despise each other's race, and they are both using that as the basis to excuse and justify their horrific acts and extreme brutality to torture and run the villagers out of their homes and town – so they can try to take control and own the land.


"God is watching and listening to everything that has been transpiring, and it has mortified, sickened, and devastated Creator to see His children commit such heinous acts against His other innocent, vulnerable children. His wrath will speak to Ethiopia- to those who have caused pain and harm. His mercy will continue to heal and rescue the faithful. 


There will be a day they will wish they never fought to occupy the land they now seek …. on the terms they chose to secure it. That day, as uncomfortable as it will be… I hope and pray… will be the day they vow never to harm another soul again."


~ Channeled from Jesus 


Why is the Violence So Barbaric?

Here is more of what Heaven wants you to know: The violence has been so atrocious because both parties in this war are using a "strategy" called "ethnic cleansing" to win.


What is Ethnic Cleansing? 

"Ethnic Cleansing" means forcing a population from a region through expulsions and violence, often including extreme violence, killings, and rapes. Each side in the war is using extreme brutality to force people that they do not deem worthy of living in the Tigray region as a way to force them to leave. The soldiers have been executing senseless murders, torture killings, gang rapes, child rapes, looting, pillaging, burning homes, destroying hospitals, ruining crops, and killing livestock all to drive them out. The soldiers only want their chosen race to live on the land they are trying to secure. If someone does not speak the language they require, even though they are Ethiopian, they are chasing them off by torturing them or getting rid of them by killing them. 


It is pure evil, and this is why Ethiopian Nobel Peace Prize-winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been making it difficult for journalists to report this war. He is trying to hide the fact that these human rights and war crimes are being committed under his watch and by his soldiers too.


I was very affected by this level of violence, and it took me a while to get to my computer and write this message for Him and you. In fact, Jesus had to come to me three times and ask me to do it, and each time, more urgently, because I was struggling with how difficult it was going to be for you to read it and for me to have to go deeper into the visions and relay them to you. But, in my world, that is two times too many. So, please know for Jesus to follow up with me on a message multiple times – means it is Very important that know – so you that do something about it…. since you have been denied news coverage of their horrific circumstances. 


Soldiers are Cutting Off Aid & Making Them Starve Even More                                                

• 4 million need food in Ethiopia for multiple reasons. The largest locust outbreak in recent history has destroyed their crops, and a devastating drought has killed their livestock – wiping out their sources of food and income.

• Nearly 400,000 are now suffering from famine because of the soldiers' abuses. They are blocking and impeding emergency aid trucks trying to bring food, water, medicine, and supplies into the Tigray region.


In addition to stopping their aid, the soldiers are also destroying their crops and killing their livestock on purpose so that villagers cannot have resources for food and income. This is meant to starve them into submission and make them leave. They burn their crops and homes, and there are many reports of soldiers just shooting and killing a farmer for working in their field. 


According to United Nations, no aid trucks have reached the capital city of the Tigray Region, Mekelle, since October 18 and fuel shipments have been blocked since August. It has been four months since the last major shipment of medicine and health supplies into Tigray.

What Can You Do to Help?

More than 2 million people have been displaced within Ethiopian's Tigray region since the fighting began, with about half fleeing after they were driven out because their homes were burned down. Many have fled to Sudan.


Help Them!!

The refugees that were driven out of their homes and forced to flee need supplies to start over. Many had to leave without their clothes because they were either burned or looted or couldn't get them in time because of danger. They have lost their sources to make money. Many also have medical emergencies and unwanted pregnancies that need to be tended to. Food, water, and shelter are their biggest concern right now. Please do something to help them. Give up your Starbucks for a few days. Forgo an expensive dinner. Skip the movie in the theater. Make a sacrifice and give something to help people who have either suffered or witnessed horrific pain and suffering – that you and I can be grateful for never having to endure. 


Please donate something and help them. Proceeds from my next Group Reading will benefit the starving and displaced Ethiopians needing to start over.


Please help me help them. It is Jesus's wish… and mine.

Oracle Maureen
Founder of AAUF

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