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Several alligators sitting together in a swamp

Ban Exotic Skins

Crocodile in a cage

How Heaven Sees It

I was given two visions that exposed the inhuman torture of alligators and crocodiles; As Well As – God’s displeasure that His animals are being harmed for ‘recreation’ and ‘materialism’… to wear as shoes, belts, purses, etc. When God gave me these visions; He Also gave me – How He will be punishing those that harm His creatures. Here is both the truth behind this cruel act of alligator/crocodile hunting and killing - and God’s warning.

Dead alligator heads for sale

They Let Them Suffer

Just a few weeks after I finished the “Ban Fur Industry,” I was woken up suddenly to being in a movie, where I was standing in front of an alligator – that was hanging upside down. I felt sick. I then saw that it had ‘Lots’ of stab wounds from a knife all over it and was bleeding from the wounds. I felt Angry and Devasted, as I watched the Helpless alligator that was held hostage - hanging and suffering. I was then forced to have to look at the blood coming out of the wounds. My eyes were moved up and saw that the alligators eyes were wide open – and looking at me – for help. My heart sank deeper – and I felt A Lot More angry – that they were letting it suffer – while they were taking its skin. I heard God say: “They let them suffer.”

The “Feelings” that I relayed to you during this vision – were those of God. He put me through want He wanted communicated – on how He feels about the cruel and inhumane treatment that is being done to alligators and crocodiles for their skins; that is being hidden. He let me know that many, many, many places that kill them for their skins – do Not do it in a humane way, sparing them pain. Rather, it is the opposite. He wants to tell you the truth – that most are executing them in brutal, sadistic ways – that cause them pain and torture throughout the entire process; and all for making them into a piece of vanity. Which, by the way…. you would never take with you anyways.. because it would be rejected at Heaven’s Doorway.

Hunting Alligators for Fun

About a month later, I was woken up again to being really upset seeing alligators & crocodiles being hurt. This time, I was standing on top of a river and watching people hunting alligators for fun. They couldn’t see me, but I could see them and everything they were doing – and, also, the punishments the God was going to be giving them.

I watched a “Water Jeep” that had three rows of three seats. They were filled with – what looked like “tourists.” There were nine men and a driver. They had weapons in their hands. I watched as they were looking down at the water – looking for something. Suddenly I saw the jeep ram into an alligator and smash it up against the riverbed, trapping it with their jeep. I saw as the alligator panicked and looked scared, because it could not escape. God made me feel the alligator’s fear and anxiety, which felt exactly like ours. I then heard God say; “They are ‘Trapping’ it and ‘Holding it Hostage.’ He then said: “And when they do this to the alligators; I will do this to them.” I then saw the jeep sink the bottom of the river and all the men started drowning. I then heard God say: “I will ‘Sink’ their jeep and take down everything they have.” I then saw everything that they had on the dashboard coming falling down, which was their ‘wallets,’ and ‘keys’ and ‘sunglasses.’ I heard God say: “I Will take their possessions.”

As I watched this – I also felt God’s ‘Anger.’ I also felt ‘scared’ for the level of punishments and pain that the hunters are going to face. God said to me; that I am to relay all of this message, and that He depends on me to do so; in an effort to warn people – so that they stop this behavior – or face severe consequences from Him.

God then ended the vision with: “Panama.”

Unfortunately, there is an active business of hunting for alligators in Panama City, Fla. - just for fun and sport. Please stop Panama (and all the other hunting places that exist).

God has asked me to deliver the message that severe punishments will be given to anyone who kills and hurts His animals. He wants people to understand that those punishments will come in the form of losing income, housing, cars and precious possessions that someone has worked hard to accumulate and wants and needs. Is it worth it now to kill an alligator or a crocodile? I hope you come to your senses and learn to value that all life is sacred – and answer…No. If not; consider yourself warned.

Delivering warnings are not easy for me. My mission here is done, and I see a blue ribbon sitting in my right hand. I made the “Right” decision to obey God and deliver His message for Him. I hope that those that hunt and kill animals – make the “Right” decision – and Listen to His warning – And Stop – for the animals sake – as well as their own.

If you feel drawn to this cause, please listen to your intuition – and please Give. Please help Protect the animals that Need Us to help Protect them from Abuse. Please Give and protect our alligators and crocodiles from death.

Blessings, Maureen Allan Founder of AAUF Oracle for the Higher Realms

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