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A Plea from Heaven

A Plea from Heaven to Help the Suffering

For some of us, there is so much joy on Earth. But for others, there is so much pain. I have been asked to bring awareness to where pain and suffering are happening in our world and open your eyes to the people and animals living in dire conditions. Heaven has given me visions of who is being harmed and has asked me to reveal this to you so that you can intervene and alleviate their pain.

I am a Principal Full-Time Oracle for the Four Ascended Masters: Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Buddha – and God. They have called upon me to give you Their messages as well as messages from other Guides and Angels that God has sent to me. Their messages reveal information that you may not know, or have become complacent to, and are intended to show you who needs help. They are hoping that you will see more clearly what harm is being committed and help those suffering. 

It is heartbreaking for the Spirit Guides, Angels, and God  to see (and feel) people’s hardships. It is causing Them great despair and It is Their wish that we do something to help stop the abuses.

The Ascended Masters and your Heavenly Father are sharing Their wisdom through me so that you can become more enlightened to the people and animals who are hurting. They are giving you the chance to bring them comfort and hope.

Sadly, many humans suffer from miserable conditions like starvation, poverty, homelessness, and violence. People endure these tragedies daily and unfortunately, this is even more common in developing countries where resources and opportunities are much more restricted. Heaven is tearfully asking you to, and hoping you will, give them special attention.

Additionally, our animals are suffering greatly due to the greed and vanity of humans who are interested in them for materialism, recreation, or financial gain. With immense sadness and anger, Heaven has shown me the truth behind what is happening to our animals during many accepted practices in our society. They have revealed to me how truly abusive many of these practices actually are. Heaven is making a heartfelt plea to you to stop all atrocious animal activities and sports.

My Guides have also asked me to enlighten you about your karma. The reality is that participating in activities or attending an event where animals are being abused does condone animal abuse and will create negative karma for that person. Please be aware that supporting these practices results in a negative karmic consequence for you, not just the person who is abusing the animal. We wish to warn you of this so that you can protect yourself from creating an undesirable karmic fate.


Heaven is a witness to what happens on Earth. The Ascended Masters and God are making a heartfelt plea to you… asking you to please step up and help your fellow brothers and sisters living in pain and protect your innocent animals. 


Please hear Their cry for help, with pain in their voices, as I share Their messages of who is suffering and needs to be rescued. Please help those living in misery and donate something to these worthy causes given to you by Heaven. Please rescue those in need.


Blessings & Namaste,

Oracle Maureen 

AAUF Founder

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