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Close up of a sad looking race horse

Ban Horse Racing

Close up shot of an eye of a sad looking horse

How Heaven Sees It

Ascended Master Kuan Yin and God asked me to share the visions they have given me about how horrifically abusive race-horsing really is. They want you to know the truth about how horrific this "form of gambling entertainment" actually is to our horses, which you probably are not aware of.  

Please read what Heaven has shown me and has asked me to reveal to, so you know that many forms of abuse brutalize them. Knowing this, we hope you do something to help stop it and save the horses from being abused. Because they are being repeatedly whipped, to the point of bleeding, starved for "performance," and pushed to run to exhaustion, which sometimes KILLS them. They are also put to death and KILLED when they are no longer deemed a valuable commodity by the owners and jockeys.

Jockey in a race whipping the horse he is riding

They Become Roadkill

I received more visions about how horrific race-horsing is to horses, a year after the first few I received. This one was given to me on my birthday, 11/21. I awoke to a vision of seeing race-horses laying down on the road. I was then filled with feelings of dread and anger as I heard God announce Himself to me and say:
"Roadkill. They make them run until they collapse and are run over by the other race-horses, running at them fast and trampling them by running them over, INJURING them, and even KILLING them!"The whips cut them and make them bleed," as God said this, I saw a vision of a jockey whipping a horse, breaking its skin and creating a bloody two-inch gash that opened up into a bleeding wound. As I was forced to watch, I felt the horse's pain… and God's. I went into high anxiety about all of this and then felt my own sadness, anger, and pain for the horse's well-being.

They Are Denied Food So They Run Faster

"They are denied sufficient food." I saw a vision of a trough that was small and only half full of food. I saw two horses standing at it, wanting to eat. I watched as one of the two horses pushed the other horse out of its way to eat because there was not enough for two horses. I was forced to watch the horse walk away hungry. I was overcome with sadness and worry for him as I watched him leave hungry. I also saw he looked thin with boney ribs visible. I felt devastated for the horse and angry at the owners/caretakers. I even had to feel the horse's hunger pains. God told me that horses were being denied adequate food on purpose because the owners and jockeys want them lean so that they run faster. It broke my heart to see and know that one of their most basic needs, food, is not even taken care of properly for many of them and that they starve too.

People are Willing to Kill Horses so They Can Gamble

A few nights later, I awoke again to receiving another heart-breaking vision. On November 24, 2020, I had to watch beautiful horses running and looking exhausted while men stood around them, cheering them on in an aggressive way, wavy money at them. As I watched the scene, I heard God say to me:

"They (the men) gamble at the expense of their lives (the horses). They gamble TO exhaust them and kill them." When God said this to me, our Creator filled me deep sadness, which turned into anger – His anger. He then told me to tell you this; so you would now know and do something about it to rescue the horses from horrible circumstances because they cannot rescue themselves – they NEED us to help them.
Horse behind bent bars of stall

They are Trapped in a Brutal Cycle of Being Whipped and 'FORCED' to Run

I was woken up sharply to seeing and being (feeling) whipped by competitive, aggressive men. I then had to look into a horse's beautiful brown eyes and see the pain and devastation it was in when it was repeatedly whipped. I had to feel the horse's panic and extreme anxiety that it was in of being trapped in a tortuous cycle of being whipped and forced to run, whipped, run, whipped, run, and again and again. I felt exhausted to the point that I wanted to collapse, but I couldn't because I kept getting whipped and forced to keep running. I then saw and felt the beautiful horse run itself right into the ground, falling over from exhaustion and just "Burn Out." Next, I saw the horse light up and implode in flames, and I heard Kuan Yin say: "They run them until they just Burn Out and die." She then sent me the feeling of complete devastation and horror that this is happening to our horses. When the movie finally ended, I woke up weeping for the horses and completely distraught, to the point of having an anxiety attack and crying. I laid there as my Guides sent me Healing Energy and worked to ground me and clear the anxiety, fear, and panic from me that was put into me – so that I could teach the truth of the horrible secrets that are being hidden from you: Race Horsing IS torture FOR the Horses!!!


They are Being Tortured By Being Whipped


A few months later, I was woken up to walking down Las Vegas Blvd., where a horse was standing in the middle of the street. The sidewalks along both sides of the road had crowds of people Watching – a pretty horse getting whipped. I was standing close enough to the horse that I could see the whip was cutting its fur and skin, leaving bloody welts all over his body. I then turned and watched the crowds just standing there, watching the horse getting hurt. There were tears in the horses' eyes while the jockey kept whipping it, until it fell down and just died in pain and agony.

I felt devastated and mortified to see the brutality that was inflicted on the innocent, beautiful horse. I also felt the feeling of horror and anger that my Guide, Ascended Master Kuan Yin, filled me with, that all the people just stood by - like "Spectators" - and did nothing - except watch and "Gamble" - and then walk by, un-affected. Kuan Yin said to me:

"When they do this to the horses (whip them), this is what really is happening." They Bleed! They ARE being tortured and abused, and it DOES Hurt them."

Race-horses are being injured much, much more severely than most humans either understand or will admit to knowing about. The whipping hurts the horses in the EXACT same way – it would hurt you if someone whipped you. This vision was so painful to watch and feel that my pillow was wet from crying tears.

The whole time Kuan Yin put me through the torture that race-horses go through, I felt Nothing but complete fear, panic, exhaustion, and desperation – when they made me feel what the horses feel. And then, I eventually felt mounting sadness and disappointment from Goddess Kuan Yin and God – for the people guilty of perpetuating these abusive acts on Gods' animals. If you support Horse Racing, you know now that you are inflicting torture on animals and going against God's Will – of "do no harm to another." Condoning or participating in this cruel act will result in such a severe karmic consequence that I can promise you no amount of money, fame, entertainment, or attention you seek will never be worth the pain your karmic consequence. They have given me the mission to bring awareness of how horrific race-horsing is to the horses and to inspire you to rescue the horses from their torture and to shut this barbaric gambling sport down. I have sent the message; it is now up to you. Please Choose to help Rescue our horses. DO NOT SUPPORT RACE-HORSING!

Your Gift IS gratefully appreciated and will be recognized by Heaven.
Blessings, Maureen Allan Founder of AAUF Oracle for the Higher Realms

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