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Animal print clothing hanging in department store

Wearing Animal Print

Zebra print covered chair in office

How Heaven Sees It

I know that animal prints are really trendy right now; so I dread having to deliver a message that I know will be very un-popular to many fashionistas. However, both Jesus and Kuan Yin have asked that I share the message of “no animal prints.” Yess… I did just say that, and I can hear your whaattts??? from over here. Our intention in opening your eyes and helping you see this from Their perspective – is to protect you from making a mistake that will reap negative consequences for you in your future… which you mostly likely are not aware of – since wearing animal prints has become so common and normal now.

Jesus and Kuan Yin, wish to help you understand how this act of wearing the “print” of an animal is not seen as innocent in God’s eyes like you probably think, but rather is seen as a cruel and opportunistic behavior that supports wearing animals - which supports the harming and killing of animals for materialism. Our intention in bringing awareness to the truth of how God sees it – is to help protect you from creating negative consequences for yourself by engaging in an act that God is “dis-pleased” with.
Cheetah sitting in open plain
Fashion model wearing cheetah print dress

Jesus & Kuan Yin’s Message

“Tell them: No Animal Print. The act of wearing of the coat (real or represented) of a beautiful creature – represents that it was Killed. In order to gain the fur, the skin, the leopard, the cheetah the zebra, the python, the crocodile, the alligator, and more…. An animal is killed and often tortured; wearing an animal’s coat - Glorifies killing the animal. When you wear the Print of an Animal… what We see… is that you do not value the life of the animal that you proudly wear. Wearing animal print – Supports the act of Harming Animals.”

When They first came to me with this message, it was right after my “Ban Fur Industry” fundraiser. They gave me this message about the animal print clothes that I had in my closet – and for the world. They asked me to release all of mine – because of the Truth in how God actually sees it; and, the reality that negative karma will be sent for wearing animals prints, because it “Condones the act of Harming Animals.” It was hard for me to accept this because our generational time is so used to wearing animal prints and none of mine were fur. But, that was Their point. They are talking about “Print,” not fur. They spent about a month repeating the message with different words and visions, until I finally accepted how important it was to God and Them – that, although the intention is not to kill or hurt animals when wearing animal print…. It Does condone harming animals for vanity.

One of the biggest visions they gave me to get this through to me was this: I liked wearing cheetah stuff. I was looking at buying a new cheetah jacket online. When I was looking at the jacket - all of a sudden – a picture of a real cheetah cat that was next to the jacket – came alive; and then the cheetah cat morphed onto the jacket. Suddenly, I could see that – the jacket was really a live cheetah cat. My stomach got sick and my heart dropped. It was then that I saw – what They saw – and understood better…. Their message: that when we wear animal prints: we support the act of killing animals – so that we can wear them…. And for vanity. I slowly packed up all of my animal print from my closet and released it.

I am now a “recovering” former cheetah wearer. I am more concerned about pleasing Them and receiving Their Blessings and Not creating negative karma for my future… not worth it. I look just as cute in pink. Sooo… if you too care about your karmic creations; pick a different look – so you don’t end up with a karmic punishment – that a leopard or zebra gave you… trust the oracle here… that coat or bag won’t be worth it...

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