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Crowded rabbits in a filthy cage

Ban the Fur Industry

Rows of dead minks strung up on racks

How Heaven Sees It

Ascended Master Kuan Yin has asked that I open up about the visions that She, and They, give to me when They call upon me to Bring Awareness to where there is Suffering in the world - that They… God and the Ascended Masters in Heaven – want Stopped!

Curious minks in filthy breeding cages
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Your support goes a long way towards stoping the abuse of animals world wide. Your signature will enable us to submit many types petitions to organizations such pro-fur councils, requests to government agencies and other related appeals on behalf of fur animals.


No regards for their lives

I was given my next mission – to bring awareness and support to banning the Fur Industry - by being woken up to a horrible vision-movie about how cruel the Fur Industry actually is. My Guides & Angels woke me up to making me watch: a beautiful bunny rabbit trapped in a small box, just sitting there and then suddenly - a man’s foot kicked its head, fast and hard… I’ll stop there… until the bunny was dead. While being forced to watch the truth behind how many rabbits are really killed - with no pain relief or mercy - and also no regard for their lives, by the people who kill them: I then heard “Rabbit Fur; this is how they do it.” I then saw and heard: “Fur Industry. Ban.” I was horrified. My Guides wanted me to see and feel just that. ‘horrified,’ as I watched this inhumane act of animal cruelty…. All being done, so people could wear rabbit fur ☹

PS: This vision message hit me especially hard, since my daughters and I had two bunny rabbits: Luna Bun-Bun and Gigi. NO animal – no matter, what size – big or Small – should ever be killed for a human’s materialistic want… Not in the Eyes of Heaven.

Piles of dead minks being sorted in factory

No regards for their lives

And then… a few nights later; I was woken up to seeing Heaven’s Sadness about Mink Coats – and the shameful abuse being done to the Minks.

My Guides (Spirit Guides & Angels, as a collective group) put me in a movie, where I was standing in the wilderness and suddenly these Minks starting to float up to me and cover me. As they did, my Guides turned my head and made my look closer at them. I saw bloody cuts all down the sides of these precious animals, whose eyes were open - and looking at me for help. I felt so much sadness and despair for the pain that they had gone through – Just so that they “could be worn;” that I pushed myself away and refused to wear them.

I will never look at a Fur Coat again without thinking how animals were brutally harmed to make it – Mink or any other kind of animal. What people think of as beautiful and luxurious – IS coming at a great cost; the cost of killing an innocent, lovely animal. The Gods and Goddess have made it crystal clear to me: They Do NOT condone killing animals for vanity. In this day and age, we also do not need to do it anymore for warmth; there are plenty of alternatives, beside fur, for comfort and warmth. Please think through what you support. Your Karma includes how you treat - not just people – but also God’s Animals…. Choose wisely.


You Can Help Protect Our Animals.

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