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Tiger on a short metal chain sitting in a dilapidated enclosure

Exotic Cat Abuse

Sad lion cub laying in a run down cage

Heaven's View on Animal Prints

The recent documentary on Netflix, “Tiger King,” has brought to light how truly abusive using exotic animals for entertainment is. When I started watching it, not knowing that the cats and animals are actually living in a miserable state, is when I received these visions and messages. God has asked me to share these messages and the truth, so you can do something to help save the exotic cats and animals from the abuses that they are endure by making them into acts of entertainment for someone to profit off of and to be entertained by.

Tiger pacing along the fence in an enclosure
Cheetah sitting behind bars of a cage
VISION #1 - APRIL 26, 2020

Lion Vision: The Truth About How Miserable They Stuck as Prisoners in Small Cages

I awoke to a vision of a beautiful lion trapped in a very small cage. God spoke to me and said, “the lion is getting sick from being trapped in a small cage because it cannot move and does not belong there.” I noticed that the lion looked very sad and depressed, and suddenly, I shared its pain. I then felt filled God’s sadness and anger about how the lions were being treated welling up inside me. He said, “they were meant to run wild, not to be trapped in cages and held against their will in zoos, circuses and other places that use animal entertainment.”

Angry tiger being prodded at a circus
VISION #2 - MAY 2, 2020

Tiger Vision: The Truth about How They are Abused When Forced to ‘Perform Tricks.’

I awoke to a vision of a beautiful tiger standing on top of a very small, round, wooden table. The tiger was trapped on the pedestal by a tiger circus tamer with a whip. He was trying to make the tiger do things that the tiger didn’t want to do, like pose and dance. The tiger trainer wanted the tiger to perform, but the tiger wasn’t able to because it didn’t understand what the man wanted it to do it.

I watched as the tiger tried to understand him but was completely confused because it didn’t understand the trainer’s language. The tiger was also very frustrated because it didn’t have room to move. I saw the confusion and frustration in the tiger’s eyes and I felt it. Eventually, the tiger became angry, because it became so confused and frustrated that it jumped off the small pedestal.

The tiger tamer got angry and wanted to use his whip to discipline it. I watched as, aware of what was to come, the tiger became fearful and prepared to defend itself from danger. The tiger attacked the tamer before the tamer could attack it first. I saw, and felt, the tiger feel threatened and feel the need to defend herself. The tiger attacked the tamer, so he couldn’t attack her. She jumped on the tiger tamer and pinned him to the ground, clawing and biting his head.

Just then, a baby tiger came running up to the scene. It was the mother tiger’s baby cub. Immediately, the mother tiger put herself in between the tiger tamer and her baby, attacking the tamer again as a means of protecting her baby tiger. Then the mother tiger bit her baby’s ear, hurting it in the hopes that it would run off before the tamer tried to subjugate it, too. I saw the sadness in the mother tiger’s eyes when she did this because she did not want to hurt her baby. She was trying to rescue it. God said, “she was afraid that the tamer would hurt her baby like he hurt her, and she wasn’t going to let that happen.”

During the vision, I heard God say, “when the tamers do this…” and I saw the tamer trying to make the tiger perform – “this is what will happen” – and I witnessed the attack scene just described. God said, “the tamers will go down and will suffer severe consequences for hurting my tigers.”

When I was submerged in this vision, watching and feeling the real pain that the tigers experience under such inhumane conditions, God also made me feel the tiger’s maternal instinct to protect its baby. I recognized that the feeling He gave me was exactly how I would feel if someone hurt one of my daughters. There was absolutely no difference between my maternal Instincts and the tiger’s, or how I would feel if someone was forcing me to perform and do something that I was confused about and did not want to do.

Using exotic animals for entertainment is considered a crime in God’s eyes. Forcing them to “perform” dances, acrobats, tricks, etc. is cruel. It causes them distress because they are being forced to do things that are unnatural and uncomfortable for them. When the tamers and trainers “discipline” them, they are, in essence, “punishing” these animals for their very nature.


Forcing animals to perform for the entertainment of humans—and for a fee, no less—displeases God, because the survival of the industry subjects animals to a cruelty and barbarity that is generally kept secret from the public.


Now you know that abuse is taking place in many venues that use exotic animals, and all animals more broadly.

Please protect our animals and do not support places that use animals for entertainment. Please don’t let our animals suffer. Please choose to ban such uses of animals now.

Oracle Maureen
AAUF Founder


Amount Donated: $375

Charity Partner: Big Cat Rescue

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