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How Heaven Sees It

The Visions

These painful visions just won’t stop. It all started when my Principal Spirit Guide, Ascended Master Kuan Yin, visited me in November of 2012. Standing next to my bed, She appeared tearfully to me and, to my surprise, started to show me heartbreaking visions, one after another, of children starving in Africa. 


I was confused. I saw their misery and I felt their pain. Kuan Yin continued to show me these sad visions of people suffering. She then explained that people in developing countries are living in hardships far greater than what most of us here in the US understand or have to endure. She filled me with Her sorrow for their pain and the lack of help they are receiving. Soon, I was overcome with even more sadness for their challenges and felt great concern for all the people starving, sick, homeless, impoverished… living in misery.

Overwhelmed with grief for the suffering that Kuan Yin had opened my eyes to, I sat there sad and confused until She gave me clarity. Kuan Yin asked me to do something about it. She asked me to start a charity so that She, and other Guides and Angels, could help the suffering by using me as Their channel to enlighten others about their hardships – so we could help them. Kuan Yin continued these difficult visitations with me for a couple of months, until I finally honored my beloved Guide’s request and did as She asked. A few months later, I started Angels Among Us Foundation, a name that Kuan Yin chose, to help Heaven and the people on Earth bring relief to the suffering. Since then, I have continued receiving these painful visions, which are actually long, movie-quality visions, showing me either who needs help or how cruel and unjust an accepted behavior here is. These visions come to me at any time. They come when I am meditating or doing something quiet. But, most often, they come at night when I am more or less trapped in my bed in a sleepy state and unable to escape the painful visions easily. I will suddenly get woken up by my Third Eye being activated and be forced to watch and hear the painful movies of people or animals suffering. I will also have to feel the same pain that the person or animal is enduring. My body is paralyzed, which allows my Guides to put me through seeing, feeling, and knowing more difficult information because I cannot interrupt the visions by getting up. I suffer from much sadness during these visions to the point of feeling tears running down my cheeks – because I am forced to have to feel their pain, and then eventually mine too. When they are over, I feel my soul float back down to my body, and I come to a conscious state. I lay there processing everything I saw and felt in great sorrow, sometimes still weeping, especially when it comes to the animal visions, until my Guides send me healing energy and lessen the emotional pain, putting me back to sleep. My Guides will comfort me and remind me that my mission is to report and enlighten people about these tragedies and that in order to do so, I must sacrifice comfort and endure some pain in hopes of bringing Heaven’s causes to light here on Earth- so that those suffering have a better chance of being rescued from their misery. The visions, and sadness that comes with them, however, are sent back to me when I wake up. They linger with me heavily for days or weeks, until I finally deliver the message to you. The visions are given to me primarily from God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Buddha, as well as other Guides and Angels in Heaven. Their hope in sharing Their messages through me is to give you insight into who needs help and mercy. Another intention behind these visions is that God, your Creator, wishes to tell you what He is unhappy with and that is causing Him pain. He is sad and/or angry with acts being done that are harming His beings and wants to warn people to stop these behaviors before they create any more pain to His people or animals– for His sake and theirs. God, the Ascended Masters, and I wish to bring awareness to you about those hurting so that you can make a difference by helping your fellow brothers and sisters and protect your beloved animals.  We hope that our messages inspire you to make our world, and God’s world, a better place by enlightening you as to who needs mercy – so you can bring them relief and end their pain and misery. Namaste, Oracle Maureen AAUF Founder

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