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About Us

Our Mission

We are committed to helping those suffering from painful conditions like poverty, illness, and starvation; and rescuing animals from heartbreaking abuses.

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Homeless man in subway station holding sign
Image by Jo-Anne McArthur

About AAUF

Angels Among Us Foundation is a US non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. We are dedicated to helping those who find themselves in painful and disheartening situations. We focus on assisting people suffering in impoverished developing countries and rescuing animals from horrific abuses.

Many people in underprivileged nations suffer unimaginable living conditions that we cannot truly comprehend here in the US. Many suffer with little or no aid coming their way and lack adequate resources to heal themselves or improve their circumstances. We also value the lives of precious, vulnerable animals and are passionate about protecting them from inexcusable and barbaric forms of animal cruelty and mistreatment.

Image by Karthikeyan K

What We Do

Our activities provide relief to those living in pain and misery, especially in disadvantaged developing countries. Through our efforts, we bring awareness to the sad realities of the people living in pain and misery. This is done in the hopes of increasing the aid and number of helping hands lent to those humans and animals who are hurting.

We believe that the power of awareness and information cannot be overstated. When the right people are aware of a problem, there is a higher chance of finding sustainable solutions. This is why we prioritize spreading the word and getting the right message out to as many people as possible. 

Our focus on the suffering in developing countries is very important, especially in light of the fact that help does not come to them quickly or easily. Many of us here in the US live in a bubble, for many, a comfortable bubble, and we can be oblivious to the sufferings and hardships being faced by the people in these underprivileged regions. We can only imagine the pain that they face with the high level of starvation, illness, homelessness, etc., that they endure.

By enlightening those who hear about the situations being faced by our brothers and sisters, we hope to inspire you to take action and join us in alleviating the pain and challenges that they have, as much as possible.

We are also dedicated to helping save and protect vulnerable animals who are at a great disadvantage in protecting themselves from the harm that man can commit against them. We work to both rescue animals and bring enlightenment about the atrocious ways that humans are brutalizing them – whether for sport or to profit off of them. Animals need advocates that can stand up to these abusers and protect them. We hope to inspire you to also become an advocate, with us, and save our animals from the harm and torture being done to them.

Part of our outreach includes partnering up with the right people and organizations. We believe in having all hands on deck, therefore, we partner with credible and trusted charities and donate our funds to them to our shared causes.

Together with our partners, we deliver our donations safely to the missions that we are supporting, which makes completing our goals seamless and successful.

AAUF is always open to donations, either financial or other forms. Your contributions will make a difference to those in need, and every single seed you sow will directly impact a person’s life and make it better - probably more than you could have ever imagined.

Image by Sasha Sashina

The Founder

Maureen Oracle 09-23-1460-12_0x18_0-57-A

Oracle Maureen founded Angels Among Us Foundation in 2013. She is a Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Medium who has dedicated her life to supporting AAUF and the mission it stands for. Maureen is very aware of and concerned about the pain and suffering that exists in the world and strongly believes that through compassion and generosity, healing and change can transpire. She directs her efforts toward enlightening others about where true pain and misery exists - hoping they also take steps to help those in need.

Additionally, Maureen supports AAUF by donating all of her profits from her spiritual work to the organization, which helps fund our mission.

Maureen founded AAUF after her Principal Spirit Guide, Ascended Master Kuan Yin, visited her in 2013. To Maureen’s surprise, She pleaded with her to start a charity to help the suffering in the world. Kuan Yin put Maureen through a series of painful visions of starving, sick, and homeless children in developing countries. While forced to watch the painful visions, Kuan Yin enlightened Maureen that so much more suffering is happening than people are aware of, especially in underprivileged countries. Goddess Kuan Yin sorrowfully pleaded to her oracle, Maureen, to do something about it and asked Maureen to start a charity for Her so She could direct Maureen on how to help the suffering.

After receiving these painful visions and hearing, seeing, and feeling Kuan Yin’s pain for the suffering, Maureen honored Her Spirit Guide’s request and started Angels Among Us Foundation, giving it the name Kuan Yin wished for. 

Since then, Maureen has received visions from Kuan Yin, Jesus, God, and her other Spirit Guides, Mother Mary, and Buddha showing her where pain, misery, and abuses are happening around the world. They have enlightened Maureen so that she shares Their insights through AAUF with the rest of the world in hopes that others too will embrace Their messages and help rescue those who need mercy.

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