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Magnificent male deer with antlers

Ban Hunting

Male bighorn sheep standing in the snow
VISION #1 - NOVEMBER 20, 2020

Ban Trophy Hunting

I awoke with a vision-movie of sitting in a car watching a lot of men driving their cars in a line on a road in the wilderness - looking for Bighorn Sheep. God then appeared next to me, turned my head, and showed me one man who had a Ram, dead, in his truck. When I saw this, God suddenly took the form of a man and 'stood in between the hunter and me.' When He did this, He said: 'Intervene.'

God said: "Take the Ram out of the truck and set him free."

God appeared as a man as a way to impress His wishes that He is asking people to 'Intervene' and stop the men from the cruel and senseless killing of His Exotic Bighorn Sheep.

My face was then turned towards the line of men waiting in the car lines. I felt 'shocked and disgusted' to see sooo many men waiting in a long, long line of cars watching and waiting for their turn to kill a Bighorn Ram.

God then zoomed me up to show me how 'Beautiful' the Rams are and how 'unique and special their horns are.' God said, "look how Exotic they are."

God then filled me again with His sadness, which turned into anger, when He told me they were hunting and killing the Rams for their unique horns – like 'Trophies.'

People hunt and kill Bighorn Sheep for their horns, which they consider to be 'Trophies.' Their goal is to adorn their walls with the largest Rams horns they can get. They want to create the most impressive Trophy wall by decorating it with the biggest sheep's horns. God is furious with this behavior!

Creator told me to educate people that killing Exotic Bighorn Sheep for their horns, as 'Trophies,' is making Him furious, and He wishes for it to Stop Now – as well as ALL other 'Trophy' killing!

Killing Bighorn Sheep for the very thing that makes them special and unique and taking their lives for sport and a trophy gives significant karmic consequences to the hunters. He wants to warn the hunters of their painful fate that they will face if they continue to slaughter and harm His Rams for an ego fix of a 'reward' decorated on their wall that they want to brag about.

To lessen the pain and suffering of their Karma, hunters must Stop Hunting Now and promise to never kill another one of His animals for trophies, sport, pleasure, or money – or ANY reason - Ever Again!

Please Stop Killing the Beautiful Exotic Bighorn Sheep. They were not put here for you to slaughter so you could have a 'Trophy' on your wall. Please also consider yourself warned that your payday will come for you someday, and the consequences will leave you suffering much like the suffering you have caused God's Beautiful Rams: so you should Stop killing them now if you wish to spare yourself more karmic pain.


Hunters: Please Obey God - for the Rams' sake, as well as your own.

Elephant walking on plains
Beautiful male lion
Rhino on African plains
VISION #2 - MARCH 2021

Animals Suffer Because People Have Guns

My Guides gave me a vision of where I was standing in the wilderness, and I saw a Hunter standing in front of me holding a long rifle aimed at a precious deer.

They said: "They (Hunters) use guns to kill animals."

I then saw the pretty deer look scared, completely innocent, and of no threat to the Hunter. When I saw this part, They filled me with anger and deep sadness as the Hunter shot and killed the deer.

They also filled me with remorse - for the Hunters because they will live to regret their choice to kill innocent animals for recreation, sport, money, vanity, and pleasure.

My Guides concluded the vision by telling me that "Hunting is another reason why guns need to be banned" from civilians. They said guns should be allowed only by the police and military to disable but not kill.

Multiple animal head trophies on a wall
VISION #3 - MARCH 25, 2021

Animals Are Not Always Killed After Being Shot and Are Skinned Alive!

I received a vision-movie that showed me standing outside a house with my Guides in a neighborhood street at the end of a Hunter's driveway. They turned my head and showed me a deer inside the kitchen window near the oven. It was lying on its side near the oven door 'moving.' I was taken aback because I saw it move, and it had no fur on it. The deer was 'skinned alive!' I was shocked and horrified and felt tremendous physical and emotional pain run through me. I started tearing up about the brutality that the Hunter had done to the deer.

Suddenly, I saw the deer look at me with one of his big beautiful brown eyes – and plead to me for help. After making eye contact with me, he quickly stood up and ran away from the oven straight through the living room picture window. Breaking through the glass, he ran desperately towards us for help. When he came crashing through the window, I was shocked, mortified, and angry to see his body all bloody red and fleshy because he had no fur on him - he had been Skinned… Alive! When my Guides wanted me to see him close up and told me the truth of why he was in this condition, I was so horrified about how he had been tortured that I could barely breathe and stand up. I, and They, were incomplete agony seeing it 'butchered and tortured,' knowing the truth of how the deer suffered because a Hunter failed to kill him successfully before skinning his fur - so he could eat his meat.

The deer ran towards us (as in to help him) but was in so much fear that he couldn't stop running. He ran past us into woods behind us, where (I knew) he had come from. We rushed to find him deep in the forest, lying by a tree on his side, unable to move. We all dropped to our knees and held our hands over him. They were glowing in white light. We sent him healing energy, trying to alleviate his pain and heal him. I had to watch him lay there, suffering, while we did this and my heart continued to break even deeper, and I got felt even angrier. He was looking at me with one of his big brown eyes. When he did, I felt his pain and anxiety for how much he truly suffered. First, he was 'shot', and then he was 'skinned alive' because the Hunter failed to kill the deer. He just dis-abled him, so when he skinned him – he did so with the deer still alive!

My Guides then told me that this is happening more than people realize. Hunters are doing the most barbaric, unspeakable acts to animals. They hunt them for meat but do not always successfully kill them before they, knowingly or unknowingly, skin and butcher them before the animal is dead. They 'skin them alive!


This message is one of the most painful animal visions They have given me so far. Please take this message Very seriously. Please DO NOT HUNT! You Are inflicting The worse pain and torture on animals!


I want to remind you again this will also create very painful Karmic consequences for you to have to endure and suffer from at some point in your lifetime, now or your next lifetime, or change where you end up going in your Afterlife.

Please Do Not Kill or Hurt Animals. Ever! If You Do, You Now Know that You are Going Against God's Will and Wishes. Please Obey Him.

Please Help Me Stop Hunting. Please Give. I will be giving donations to to help them in their efforts of saving and protecting Our animals from being killed and hurt for sport, trophies, vanity, food, money and amusement.


Oracle Maureen 

AAUF Founder

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