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Polluted water littered with filth and plastics

Haiti: Contaminated Water

Woman pouring dirty water into a plastic jug

The Vision

Ascended Master Kuan Yin has asked that I open up about the visions that She, and They, give to me when They call upon me to Bring Awareness to where there is Suffering in the world - that They… God and the Ascended Masters in Heaven – want Stopped!

Here is the vision-movie that God and Kuan Yin put me though, when They announced to me – that They wanted to bring attention to how people are getting sick and suffering - as a result of Drinking Contaminated Water.

I was woken up to seeing myself walking through a poor village in Haiti. A Haitian man who was in great despair approached me and told me his “family has been very, very sick – and are continuing to getter sicker; and that he is scared…. because the doctors do not know what is making them sick.” He asked for my help, before I could say anything, he desperately grabbed my hand and pulled me to his house.

When I walked in his little hut-house, I saw four people - a woman (the mom); a man (the dad); and their son and daughter – all doubled over on a small couch. They looked Miserable. They looked distraught and horribly sick. I felt alarmed at the poor state of their health…. And then I saw a vision pop up in my head. It was of a Sick, Dark, Dangerous River – right behind this house, and I saw them drinking water from the river. I said:” I know why they are sick.” And I ran out of the hut to the River that I “saw,” in my vision, right behind the house. As I ran up to the “Dark Brown River;” Kuan Yin filled me with the feeling of dread and high anxiety; and she stopped me at the water’s edge… right before my feet would touch the water. She pulled me back hard, so I wouldn’t get Any of the River Water on me. I then dropped to my knees and looked into the water and saw that it was filled with Parasites. I said “On No! They are getting sick from Drinking Water that is Contaminated with Parasites!”

I ran back up to the house to tell them that I know what is making them sick. “You are getting sick from Parasites that are in the River, that you are ingesting. You have to Stop drinking water from the river. Now!” Just then, Kuan Yin moved my gaze from them – to the inside of other houses around them. I saw almost everyone in this village… Also laying around sick, miserable and suffering. My heart sank, and I felt pure dread and worry – for the fate of the people in this village that had been afflicted by diseases from drinking River Water Contaminated with Parasites.

Underprivileged communities in third world countries like Haiti, do not have access to Clean Drinking Water. Many are forced to drink the water from the rivers and streams. The problem with this; is that Most ALL rivers and streams are filled with microscopic Parasites that are not visible to the physical eyes. They just don’t see them!

Once the dirty, infected, water is ingested, they can get horrifically ill many painful and disabling diseases that parasites cause. Most people in third world countries are not educated about the harm of drinking from their rivers – or about the reality that parasites are living in them. Many people here in the United States are also not aware. But, now you Know. Please intervene. Please help those in underprivileged countries with this hardship and their limited supply to Clean Water. There is ALWAYS a time and a place to Give too – to Help someone suffering.

Message from Ascended Master Kuan Yin…
“Please help Haiti and Other communities have access to Drinking Clean Water; So they don’t suffer with painful, debilitating and miserable diseases. Please help heal them. You have so much here in the U.S.; Please show your Gratitude to God - of you, yourself, having access to Clean Drinking Water – by Gifting those in underprivileged communities with the same basic necessity. Please help bring Clean Drinking Water to those who are getting Sick. As always… your Generosity will open a Karmic Door -to allow US to gift you back….Please Be Compassionate. Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy & Compassion.”

Maureen Allan
Founder of AAUF
Oracle for the Higher Realms

Fundraiser Event: Group Reading Fundraiser in Minneapolis, MN
Date: 5/12/17
Donated: $960
Donated to Charity Partner: Clean Water for Haiti
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