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Ukrainian War

February 2022

A Message from The Ascended Masters

This is just heartbreaking… A war! And to make it worse – for no good reason.


I received a visitation from Jesus last night, who was very upset about the current circumstances with Russia.


He appeared standing by my bed and said in a sad and clearly upset voice:


“Russia. Putin. Disgraceful.”


Here is the rest of what He, along with the Ascended Masters, asked me to deliver to you.


“Ukraine is under siege because of one man’s thirst for power and control. His desire to dominate and rule over people and land is the driving force behind Putin’s decision to execute and commit a war. 


He has no honorable or reasonable rationale behind his motives to execute a war. He craves the position of authority and domination over people—to the point where lives are meaningless in his eyes—unless they are submitting to his will and control. 


There will be bloodshed and death caused by Russia, which will ripple through Ukraine because of one man’s desire for ultimate power and control. 


Pray for them. Help them!


Their pain and misery will be a memorial of loss that will haunt your planet along with all your other wars—Another reminder that the only thing achieved through violence and guns—will always be loss and pain. 


Putin acts not alone. He carries the influence of the Beast inside him, behind his actions. Those who support his actions be warned. 


Putin will not see the blissful rays of Light ‘Inside’ Heaven’s Doorway. His path will now take him down a different path leading to one of ‘flames,’ where he will have to feel the pain and suffering that he has caused others to feel. 


There are no winners in war—just pain, destruction, and karmic debt. 


Please remember that as long as you allow guns and weapons on your planet—war is possible. 


Think of what you can do to safeguard yourself from such tragedies. Live thinking how to resolve conflict only through peaceful means, where cooperation and sharing replace domination-type mentalities. 


Think peace— so wars cannot exist.”


Given to me by The Four Ascended Masters to enlighten you as to why war is breaking out in Ukraine and how to stop wars in the future, Feb. 24, 2022. 


Prayer to Help Stop the War:

“Dear God and Jesus, 


Please hear our cries to you. Please intervene stronger and stop this tragic war in Ukraine. Please stop it now. Please rescue all those in danger and bring them relief. Please show them your loving mercy and grace and intervene stronger until you have ended the war and brought them peace. Please stop this war now. 


Thank you for listening to my prayers. And so it is. Amen. “


Oracle Maureen

AAUF Founder

Amount Donated: $5,943

Charity Partners: Global Empowerment Mission, American Red Cross

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