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Two starving Indian brothers outside their hut

India: They Are Starving

Poor, elderly Indian woman begging for food in the street

The Vision

Ascended Master Kuan Yin has asked that I open up about the visions that She, and They, give to me when They call upon me to Bring Awareness to where there is Suffering in the world - that They… God and the Ascended Masters in Heaven – want Stopped!

I was sitting on my couch watching TV on a Friday evening; and all of a sudden I started to vibrate and feel the very strong and blissful waves of energy that come over me and in me – when the Guides or Angels visit me. Within a few minutes, there was a beautiful Goddess, standing at the end of my couch by my feet. She was positioned so she was looking straight at my face. She was stunning! I was shocked, because it was noticeably not Kuan Yin… and so I was also startled and confused.

Amazed.... all I could do was stare and breath. She had dark hair pulled back in a bun with her hair parted down the middle. She had a red jewel on her forehead, a red Bindi; and she was wearing a very exotic and colorful, formal, two-piece fancy Indian dress, which showed her slim mid-riff. She then announced herself as Goddess Lakshmi. I was overwhelmed and confused…. Just then, my Guide, Kuan Yin, floated right up to her side… which gave me comfort, and I wasn’t scared anymore.

Kuan Yin stood there and let the Indian Goddess talk to me. She said:
“The people, My people, in India are starving. The people here in the United States have much Less starvation happening, than those going hungry in India. Please educate the people here in the U.S. and help them understand how much they have; and that those in India Do Not Have. Because the people in the U.S do not live there (in India) – they do not see it up close on a regular basis… so they are sheltered from seeing how truly horrific the level of starvation is in India. Please help the starving in India; and educate the people in U.S. to Share what they have – with those, who are going hungry in India.”

She didn’t just say this casually. She ‘Pleaded’ with me – for help. I had to Feel Goddess Lakshmi’s Feelings. I Felt her pain and anxiety over Her people starving, while she was telling me this. She also gave me visions of people starving in India. I had to watch deathly skinny Indian people laying around, unable to move – starving. I saw their bloated stomachs. I saw there was no food. I saw people bed-ridden and miserable. I saw children laying on the ground starving. My heart broke.

After Goddess Lakshmi was done with her message and departed from me, Kuan Yin made it perfectly clear to me – that I had been ‘called upon’ by this loving Goddess for help. She wanted me to bring awareness to the U.S. about the tragedy of starvation happening in India; and to remind people here – to Share what they have (even a little); because we here in U.S. have so much more than what they have been privileged with.

Of course, I said -Yes - to Goddess Lakshmi’s request to help those starving in India; and, I organized a Group Reading fundraiser. Kim and Ari Novack, Laguna Beach, were very generous to offer to host the fundraiser at their house. Blessings to you.. Kim & Ari:)

Thank you Goddess Lakshmi for bringing this to crisis to our attention, here in the U.S. I Hope you Hear her words and that you remember to Share what you have – with those who do not have…. That is the path to earning a Karmic Blessing…. As well as Enlightenment.

Maureen Allan
Founder of AAUF
Oracle for the Higher Realms

Event: Group Reading Fundraiser held at private home in Laguna Beach, Ca.
Donated: $2,500
Donated to Charity Partner: People First India
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