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Performance Horses


Heaven's View on Performance Horses

Heaven has shown me the tragedy behind making horses perform and the truth of how cruel and abusive using horses for entertainment (and profit) is. 


The reality is that, in many cases, horses are beaten to perform. Heaven has specifically asked me to use this word. They are being whipped and kicked (with spurs), repeatedly—all to make them entertain us.  


This information is being kept from you. The riders and owners are not disclosing that they are whipping and kicking the horses. The fact that this is done repeatedly is why Heaven uses the word “beating.” It has also become accepted practice to be rough with animals, especially large ones, and believe that they are not bothered by it—but God has shown me this is not true. 


I have received very painful messages from Creator showing me that the practices behind horse performances are abusive. The repeated whipping and kicking cause the horses to suffer greatly. Along with the disturbing visions, I was asked to raise money and awareness to “stop horse abuses by stopping horses from performing” and save His (and our) innocent horses from any more pain and misery. 

Vision #1 - September 2022

Whipping & Kicking Hurts Them

I awoke to a disturbing, movie-level vision where God showed me that horses are whipped and kicked so many times that large, bloody sores are often created under the horse’s skin. 

In the vision, I was horrified when God showed me that the rider created two large, open wounds on the horse's shoulders from whipping it and two more bloody sores on his lower abdomen from kicking it. I was devastated to see four open, bloody wounds in total. I was even more overwhelmed when God revealed that the rider knew that he inflicted these sores on his horse—four of them—but still chose to ride his horse and continue whipping and kicking it. God showed me the sores were so big because the rider just kept up his practice of, God’s words, “beating” his horse right on these wounds… making them larger and larger!


Horses are being forced to sprint and perform unnatural acts—not what they want to do at all. Many of the riders know or suspect that they are not only causing pain to their horses by whipping and kicking them, but they know that they are doing it in areas that already have sores and bruises. I was horrified to find this out!


The people supporting horses for entertainment—the horse owners, jockeys, rodeos, fairs, facilities, gamblers, etc.—are taking advantage of horses, our innocent animals, and using them for their self-interest—to seek profit, opportunity, and fame. They are abusing them in the process, and many of them do know that the abuse is happening. The abusers lack empathy and remorse for the well-being of the horses and, sadly, view the horse as a commodity for their own opportunity—to make money. 


I was heartbroken and disgusted to have all of this revealed to me.


The vision ended by showing me that horses are not supposed to be used for entertainment—ever. God showed me that horses are supposed to run free and feel safe always. I saw a beautiful brown, healthy-looking horse running free in a pasture of rolling green hills, looking happy, where no rider was on his back beating him with whips or kicking him—trying to make him be something he is not.


God’s wish is that you help stop all practices that make horses perform for entertainment or money. Many times, the riders lose their tempers and become abusive to the horses. While there are many people who treat their horses ethically and lovingly, it is becoming more common for horses to be mistreated when they are used to ultimately make money. Trainers, jockeys, etc., are much more likely to lose control and take out their frustration on an animal if they view it as a financial commodity rather than a pet. It also goes against the natural state of how God created horses to be, which is to run free, not to be used as a circus act for humans to profit off of… and be beaten and tortured in the process.


Heaven has asked me to bring awareness to this tragedy and help you understand that making horses perform is abusive more often than not. Those who abuse horses will face a very undesirable karmic consequence—a severe punishment from God—for hurting His animals. We wish to enlighten the world about this fate to protect anyone who will listen to this warning, so they will not meet an unfavorable future.

Vision #2- January 2023

They are Creating Open Wounds

Sadly, I received more visions showing me how horses are being mistreated to the point of reaching abuse.

I awoke to a vision where God showed me that there are often open sores on the horses' legs. We, the spectators, are not close enough to see them, but the wounds were open, bloody, and the size of a walnut. I was horrified to see this. They were caused by the horses being repeatedly whipped and kicked—all measures the trainers/riders use to make them run and perform. When God showed me these open wounds, He also made me feel the emotional pain that the horses are feeling—in addition to the physical pain. Jesus had told me that animals feel pain at the “same level that humans feel pain.” So knowing this made my heart break even more for the suffering that horses endure when they are trapped in a life of being forced to perform... while abused the entire time.

Vision #3- January 2023

They are Starving Them

Another vision that followed showed me how the horses are not being fed adequately, to the point of starving them. 


I awoke to a vision that showed me the sad reality that, in many cases, horses are being fed only very small portions of food. God showed me a small appetizer plate with three small carrots and a few pieces of lettuce that were supposed to feed a large horse, who had just spent the day running and expending his energy after being forced to perform. God said, “They are being fed small plates." He then showed me the horse eating the deficient meal and zoomed in to show me that the horse was too skinny, to the point of revealing his ribs. Again, I was horrified and sad about the mistreatment of the horse. God said the owners and trainers are starving them to save money on buying food. It was a way to cut the costs of caring for them. I was furious—and still am.

Vision #4- February 2023

Senseless Killing

The next vision that followed was given to me by Jesus. I awoke to a Him showing me how the owners are killing the horses coldly and senselessly.


Jesus opened my third eye and showed me a movie-vision of a beautiful horse who looked perfectly fine, as in not dying from illness or age. He then showed me a rifle aimed at the innocent horse standing out in a pasture. Jesus, standing directly in front of me, then said in a sorrowful voice, filled with pain for the tragedy being committed against the horses,


"They are killing them for no reason."


He stepped closer to me so I could feel His pain and spelled this sentence out in large white letters in front of me so that I could make this impression on you. This act of murdering horses is hurting Jesus and God. They have let me know it will cost those committing this atrocity a severe and painful karmic consequence for treating God’s animals with such disregard and destroying them in this vile way. 


Jesus also showed me they are trying to hide their violent acts. I saw the incident happen in a semi-dark atmosphere, likely evening or early morning. Jesus showed me that the perpetrators are purposefully killing their horses at times and in places where they would be less likely to be found out. It was ghastly to see a beautiful horse executed because, as Jesus told me, the owner deemed it unvaluable, as in the horse was no longer winning races or performing well in shows.


Jesus told me that this was their way to rid themselves of the horse and its various expenses, such as food, water, boarding, vet bills, etc., when the horse was no longer making them money.  


Wow😥… I was in tears after Their painful visions enlightened me about the tragedies happening to many horses being kept captive in the performance and sports industries. It was sickening, shocking, and heartbreaking. They have given me this insight to enlighten you—so you now know the damage and abuses happening behind closed doors to the horses that are forced to entertain.


They do not have a voice. Heaven is relying on me to speak up for them. Please take these messages to heart and hear Heaven’s message; so that you can also be a voice for them. Please help me bring awareness to and stop the practice of using horses for entertainment. Please help me stop the barbaric abuses being done to them and do something to help the horses.



Oracle Maureen 

AAUF Founder

Amount Donated: $6,520

Charity Partners: PETA

Receipt PETA

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