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Race horse, foaming at the mouth, being whipped by jockey

A Plea from Heaven

To help animal suffering

Horse Racing


I have been given many visions about how cruel the sport of horse racing is. Ascended Master Kuan Yin and God have asked me to disclose this to you so that you know the truth about this horrific form of “gambling entertainment.” They hope that after reading this, you will do what is in your power to protect our horses from being abused. 


In the visions, God has told me that they are run to complete exhaustion where they collapse and are in danger of being trampled by the other horses. They are forced to continue on past what their bodies are capable of because they are being whipped to the point of bleeding. They are in pain and devastated by this brutal cycle of being forced to run and being whipped if they slow down. 


The horses are being injured much more severely than most humans either understand or will admit to knowing about. The whipping hurts the horses in the exact same way it would hurt you if someone whipped you. These visions are so painful to watch and feel (the horse’s physical and emotional pain), that my pillow is wet from crying when I come back into my body. Many people stand to make financial gain from this sport. While the general public likes to place bets, the owners often put horses down when they are no longer in their prime racing condition, or even to cash in on insurance.

Sad horse behind bars in stall

Rescue Our Horses

While Kuan Yin and God put me through these horrific visions, I feel nothing but complete fear, panic, exhaustion, and desperation – exactly what the horses feel. I eventually feel mounting sadness and disappointment from Goddess Kuan Yin and God for the people guilty of perpetuating these abusive acts on God’s animals. If you support horse racing, you now know that you are inflicting torture on animals and going against God's Will of "do no harm to another."


Condoning or participating in this cruel act will result in such a severe karmic consequence that I can promise you no amount of money, fame, or entertainment will ever be worth. They have given me the mission to bring awareness of how horrific horse racing is. We wish to inspire you to rescue the horses from their torture and shut this barbaric sport down. I have sent the message; it is now up to you. Please choose to rescue our horses. Do NOT support horse racing. 

Woman's hand lighting tall candles at altar in church

How can I help?

If you would like to read the full visions Heaven has given me on horse racing, please visit the Ban Horse Racing page.

Please consider making a donation so that we can honor God’s wishes and shut down this abusive sport.


Blessings & Namaste,

Oracle Maureen

AAUF Founder

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