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Image by Daniel Páscoa

Your Ability to Give Matters

Outstretched giving hands holding yellow flower

“In order to create Peace on Earth, a shared mentality of cooperating, sharing, giving, and kindness must be embraced. Peace and Serenity on Earth are what you wanted to achieve when you came to live on the Earthly dimension, so that you may live full-time in Heaven someday, and be spared from having to reincarnate on a difficult planet, such as Earth. Giving is where your focus should be if you want to attain this goal. We wish only for you to succeed in this. Please remember to hold a Loving and Giving Heart that wants to help ease the suffering of others.”

Channeled to Oracle Maureen from her Principal Spirit Guide Ascended Master Kuan Yin

Oracle Maureen

AAUF Founder


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