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We Create Our Karmic Blessings

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It was so cool to see it again. At the Group Reading in Minneapolis, I had two people receive special Karmic Blessings. It is so beautiful to see it happen. The two people had loved ones come through, who thanked them hugely for taking exceptional care of them.

The loved ones that came through passed on from illnesses and required a lot of help. The two audience members stepped up and took the time to care for them while they were sick and dying. Both women were recognized for their compassion and selfless, kind acts. I remember channeling things like they made “many sacrifices with their time and energy in order to take care” of their sick loved ones. As the messages were coming through, I saw three gold stars go right over one woman's head. She was told that her “Compassion” and “Humanitarianism” had earned her special Blessings. I knew what they were when I saw the stars because I had seen them before, and my Guides have educated me about the difference between gifts and true Blessings. She earned herself three Karmic Blessings that she gets to collect on - from Heaven - when she is in need of help. She could need healing from an illness or injury, protection from a person or situation, financial aid, etc. She gets to “collect” on her Karmic Blessings and call upon the Guides and Angels for help when she needs it.

The other person was rewarded with a blue badge in the shape of a heart. I saw it get pinned right above her heart. She earned one special Karmic Blessing – also for her “Compassion” and “Humanitarianism.”

I was asked by Kuan Yin to share this experience to show you proof of how we create and collect our Blessings. She wanted me to focus on how the compassion of these two women will now serve them well down the road when they are in need. When that time comes, their Guides & Angels will be allowed to intervene and help them… because they earned it… They earned Blessings by being Compassionate to someone in pain and suffering. Because they gave of themselves and gave what matters the most in God’s eyes, compassion, they received rewards. They were Blessed.

Oracle Maureen

AAUF Founder


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