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Image by Daniel Páscoa

War on Ukraine

Ukrainian woman with her 3 children receiving food and supplies

The war on Ukraine is cruel and inhumane. While we may not be able to stop Putin's actions, we can do what is in our power- help refugees recover. In the first half of our campaign, AAUF raised over $3,500 and partnered with B Strong who is working to get refugees out of Ukraine and rehoused. Your donations are funding their transportation, lodging, airfare, and food. We so greatly appreciate your donations to help them rebuild their lives. ​ Heaven has guided Founder Maureen Allan to continue this campaign due to the dire need of these refugees. AAUF will be partnering with Red Cross to further support the refugees and the areas that they have fled to. Please continue to give so that refugees can receive the water, food, medical supplies, and housing needs that they so desperately need. ​ Fundraisers: Classes and Events Date: April-Current Charity Partner: B Strong Amount Donated: $3,553

Ukraine B-Strong Donation Receipt
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