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The Gift of Kindness: A Message from Kuan Yin

Two women greeting each other with warm hug

"It is with much compassion and selflessness that one evolves. It is by viewing the struggles that your fellow brothers and sisters have as a calling to intervene and help ease their pain and suffering. It is through this choice of sharing your gifts of abundance with another so that their pain can be lessened that you show care and compassion.

By helping lessen the burdens of someone living in a challenged state, you are giving kindness - a gift that you no doubt cherish when it is given to you in your times of trouble. It is when compassion and mercy are given to those who are so in need of help that you earn a higher level for your soul to ascend to. Please remember your world was one that was intended to be shared - at all levels - the positives and negatives. Please do not turn your back on those you live with that are in need, especially those in dire need. Please help them. Please give them the gift of grace. Please give them the gift of hope for a better tomorrow.​"

Channeled to Oracle Maureen by her Principle Spirit Guide Ascended Master Kuan Yin

Oracle Maureen

AAUF Founder


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