Thank You for your Support! From Maureen and Kuan Yin

Two bunny rabbits nestled together in straw

The Group Reading in Minneapolis on Oct. 28th, 2019 was a lovely event. I would like to personally thank those who attended, and those who donated to this cause, and for helping me raise money that will be used towards banning the horrific abuse of our animals that the fur industry is causing.

I was asked by God to bring awareness of the truth behind the fur industry... Which is that in many, many cases fur is being taken from animals in cruel and inhumane ways, where animals are not sedated and given pain relief medications. Instead, they are just brutally killed alive and suffer in the process. Because of the inhuman ways that many animals are being slaughtered for their fur and the Act Alone of Killing … God has asked that this Truth be exposed so people un-aware – now know. He also wants it to be known that He is greatly Dis-pleased and Un-Happy with this behavior; and, wants His precious animals spared pain and misery - and their lives.