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Help South Sudan: Devastated by Climate Shock and War

South Sudan is in a situation of unimaginable suffering. The world's youngest nation has been tormented by climate disasters that make life in its lands and the search for food difficult, and by the civil war that separates families and devastates hearts. A crumbling economy further weakens the country and hinders its ability to rebuild.

Devastated by Climate Shocks

Part of the tragic situation in South Sudan is a ravenous history of climate disasters. Over the last few years, the country has been hit by constant rains that cause devastating floods, covering about two-thirds of its territory. Unannounced and merciless, floods wash away homes and any remnants of stability.

In addition, crops, the lifeline of countless South Sudanese, are ruthlessly drowned, depriving many families of their only means of food.

To add to the despair, floods bring with them the dire threat of disease. Due to the floods, water sources are contaminated, leaving communities vulnerable to cholera, malaria, and other deadly infections. Lack of access to healthcare and basic sanitation exacerbates their suffering, leaving people with little to no hope.

Ravaged by Civil War

As conflict unfolds, the consequences are dire. Millions of people are forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in surrounding countries, leaving dreams behind and taking with them the few possessions that the floods have not stolen.

War has a price. Education is interrupted, one of the main pillars of a country, health systems collapse, causing countless deaths, and job opportunities disappear. The cycle of poverty continues, leaving a generation of children and young people trapped in the ruthless grip of war.

An Economy in Ruins

The economic crisis that affects South Sudan is desperate; the country already faces catastrophic problems that are largely aggravated by its condition of poverty. The effects of this crisis are felt across all aspects of life in South Sudan. Basic needs such as food and medicine cannot be guaranteed, resulting in heartbreaking situations in which the elderly are on the verge of death because they do not have access to medical treatment and mothers must endure seeing their children go hungry.

The collapse of the economy has long-term consequences. The lack of viable job opportunities compounds the already dire situation, deepening levels of desperation and forcing many to resort to extreme measures to survive.

Responding with Compassion

The people of South Sudan are in a truly desperate situation, yet there is still a glimmer of hope. When united, human beings have incredible power, and through this, it is possible to provide nutritious food, clean water, and medical assistance to those fighting hunger and disease. Let our collective compassion and generosity light the way for the recovery and rebuilding of shattered lives.

Please help the people of South Sudan by spreading this message and making a donation. Your gift can bring those suffering unimaginable relief in a time of great despair. They need your help now.

Amount Donated: $2,523

Charity Partner: World Food Programme USA

2023 South Sudan Donation
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2023 South Sudan Donation 2
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Young Girl at Refugee Camp UN Photo/Albert Gonzales Farran; Flooding in South Sudan UN Photo/JC McIlwaine; Internally Displaced in South Sudan UN Photo/Isaac Billy; Displaced Sudanese in Hut UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran; Former Refugee UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran


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