Image by Daniel Páscoa

Message from Oracle Maureen on Love

Woman holding heart hands up to the sky

Love. It Is around you all the time… even when you don’t think it is. Kuan Yin has taught me to change my focus, when I am disappointed in the lack of love from my friends and family (my earthly soulmates). She has taught me the ability and value of Opening Up further to receive higher levels of Love from Her and my other Spirit Guides and Angels; and it feels magnificent. People can – turn toxic at times – and betray you, let you down, neglect you, deceive you; But your soulmates in Heaven (Your Spirit Guides and Angels) - Never do. Learn from me what this beautiful enlightened Goddess has taught me, which is that one of the gifts that they can give us – is Their Love. However, you have to be in a state of being able to discern and receive their loving vibrations, when they come through to you. If you want to feel more Love in your life, than work on embracing your helpers in Heaven – so that they will be come closer to you and give you their Love.



Oracle for Ascended Master Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy & Compassion Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher