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Give to the Poor as You Give to Yourself: A Message from Jesus Christ

Person serving soup to a woman in homeless shelter

Jesus has asked me to share this message from Him regarding the true spirit of the “Giving Season” during the Holidays…. and remembering your Karma. I was awoken to a vision last week where He showed me his concern and unhappiness in how people are choosing to spend their money on themselves at an indulgent level, while ignoring those that live in poverty and starvation.

His Vision

I was shown a Santa Clause that looked nothing like a typical jolly Santa. His was skinny, dark grey, mean-looking and it came down the chimney – not with a bag of gifts, but with a knife. He said: “This is what Santa is really doing to them.” I then saw Santa cutting the arms and legs off person after person. He then said: “Their desires for materialism, collecting, and indulging is hurting them. Not giving to people who are suffering, but instead, overindulging on themselves and their family…. will result in painful Karmic Consequences for them. Please tell them to share the gift of money that God has given them – with the unfortunate. This is God’s wish, since the beginning of time, and mine.”

Overindulging in materialism is a form of sinning. Greed and selfishness are undesirable lower ethics that are a part of the sin of materialism. Jesus came and gave this message out of love and care to warn us and protect us from making this mistake: spending too much money on ourselves and our family/friends – and not enough on those living without food and shelter, etc. He sees that many people are making this mistake and wanted to open their eyes to it… so they have a chance to make a different choice – a better choice – in how they should spend their “Christmas … their Giving money”… and the difference they can make for those suffering and for their own future fate, based on the Law of Karma.

Maureen Allan

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Oracle for the Higher Realms