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Image by Daniel Páscoa

Feed the Hungry in Africa: Jesus’s Birthday Wish

Young African boy writing in notebook

I was given a message from Jesus that He had a wish for His birthday this Christmas. When the Lord visited me, He said He wanted to “Feed the starving in Africa.” Jesus showed me visions of countless people in Africa that would not be sitting down to a nice Christmas dinner and in fact, would not be eating at all. He made me feel their hunger pangs as well as their despair and hopelessness. I want to give Jesus His birthday wish and raise money for the starving in Africa, which is a painful and debilitating hardship that most all of us here cannot relate to. For this reason, and so many others, please feed those going hungry. Please give Jesus His birthday wish and donate to help feed the starving in Africa. ​ Fundraiser Event: Group Reading & Donations Date: December 16, 2021 Location: Virtual Charity Partner: International Rescue Committee Amount Donated: $1044.50

Feed Africa_International Rescue Committee 2021
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