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Ethiopia in Crisis

Anguished Ethiopian womean with her infant

You may be unaware of a violent crisis that is happening in Ethiopia. Sadly, the lack of news coverage is deliberate. The Ethiopian government has been blocking journalists and making it difficult for them to cover the tragedies. They are doing this because they are (also) guilty of committing horrific acts of violence.

There is a war going on between the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopian government forces. As the opposing sides fight for the land in the Tigray region, numerous acts of cruelty have been committed on innocent and vulnerable villagers at the hands of both the Ethiopian soldiers and their opposition, the TPLF. For the last year, tens of thousands of people have been killed, thousands have been driven out of the Tigray Region, and nearly 400,000 are starving in a famine-level state.

Soldiers are forcing Tigray people from their homeland using violent means, also known as Ethnic Cleansing. Soldiers on both sides are committing atrocious acts against innocent villagers in their pursuit of trying to take the land. Ethiopians are suffering gang rapes, child rapes, torture killings, massacres, looting, pillaging, burning homes, destroying hospitals, ruining crops, and killing livestock-- all to drive them out of the area.

More than 2 million people have been displaced within Ethiopian's Tigray region since the fighting began, with about half fleeing after they were driven out because their homes were burned down. Many are finding refuge in nearby areas like Sudan. They had to leave without their possessions and have no income, food, medical care, or homes. They need help starting over. Everything has been taken from them.

The United Nations is investigating both parties in the war for "crimes against humanity" and "war crimes." Please help them recover and start over. They have been horrifically abused in some of the most barbaric ways possible. Please show compassion to them and help them.

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Date: January-March 2022

Charity Partner: UNICEF USA

Amount Donated: $5,100

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