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Image by Daniel Páscoa

Ban the Fur Industry

Mink in a dirty cage

Many animals, especially rabbits and mink, are killed inhumanely in the fur industry. What many people consider fashionable and luxurious comes at a great cost- the cost of an innocent, beautiful animal. There is no reason to kill animals for vanity, and most definitely not any reason related to comfort or warmth when we have so many other options available today. Please reconsider what you support and stop the fur industry now. Wearing fur IS supporting the killing of animals. Please don’t hurt the animals by wearing fur. Please help them – by Banning the Fur Industry! Fundraiser Event: Group Reading Date: October 29, 2019 Location: Crowne Plaza NorthStar, Minneapolis, MN Charity Partner: PETA Amount Donated: $2,500

Fur Industry PETA Donation 2020-1
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