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Image by Daniel Páscoa

Putting an End to Horse Racing: Protecting Equine Welfare and Well-being

Horse racing at track

Horse Racing is cruel and highly abusive to horses! It must be stopped. Horses are suffering and need us to intervene and rescue them from a painful life. Horses are forced to run until they are exhausted and are then forced to keep running- by being continually whipped, even to the point of bleeding. They are usually killed after having sustained an injury which prohibits them from running any longer. If deemed unable to race, they are just disposed of and at a young age. They are given performance-enhancing drugs that cause them to run, beyond their natural energy levels - making them run until they are sick and exhausted. The industry is keeping this from you. People watch this abuse as a form of “entertainment,” and they gamble off the pain and suffering of horses. This has to stop now! Please work to Ban Horse Racing and save Our beautiful horses from a life of torture.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who have joined us in the fight against the cruelty of horse racing. Your compassion and dedication to this cause have not gone unnoticed. By raising awareness, speaking out against this practice, and supporting efforts to ban horse racing, you are making a significant impact in the lives of our magnificent animals.

The horses suffering in the racing industry need our intervention, and your commitment to their well-being is a shining example of empathy and advocacy. Your voice brings attention to the hidden truths and ensures that the public is informed about the painful realities these poor horses endure.

With your help, we can work towards a future where horses are not subjected to exhausting races, whippings, and premature deaths. By pushing for change and demanding the end of this industry, we can protect these beautiful creatures from a life of torture.

Once again, we extend our deepest gratitude for your support. Together, we have the power to make a difference and create a world where horses are treated with the care, respect, and dignity they deserve. Thank you for standing up for these magnificent animals and being a part of this vital movement.

Charity Partner: PETA

Amount Donated: $2,000

Horse Racing PETA
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