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Image by Daniel Páscoa

Ban Exotic Cats for Entertainment

Tigers in a Circus Show

Using exotic animals for entertainment is considered a crime in God’s eyes. Forcing them to perform dances and other tricks is cruel, and it causes them distress because they are forced to do things that are unnatural and uncomfortable for them. When tamers and trainers “discipline” them, they are, in essence, punishing and hurting these animals for behaving in their own natural, authentic state and being exactly who they are. Forcing animals to perform for the entertainment of humans—and for a fee, no less– is barbaric because the industry subjects’ animals to cruelty that is generally kept secret from the public. Their pain and suffering continue as they are forced to live confined in small cages where they are deprived of running and moving as they should— as animals. This constant confinement, along with ongoing abuse from trainers, causes severe depression, anger, and hopelessness for them. Don’t support the animal entertainment industry. Free the animals! Fundraiser Event 1: Guided Meditation to Activate Clairvoyance, Virtual Date: May 13, 2020 Fundraiser Event 2: Group Reading, Virtual Date: May 21, 2020 Location: Virtual Charity Partner: Big Cat Rescue Amount Donated: $375

Exotic Cat Entertainment Big Cat Rescue 2020
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