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Image by Daniel Páscoa

Animals Feel

Black lab mix looking at camera

When I do readings, it is common for a client’s animal to come through. I have learned from working with animals just how intelligent and sensitive they are, in addition to having had many of my own throughout the years.

They really do feel all the same kinds of emotions that we feel. They have also shown me that they are much more evolved mentally and emotionally than most humans understand. I can read their minds. I can feel their feelings. I can see the images that their mind sends to my third eye. I can read what they are saying to me … Just like I do with the human souls in Heaven. In fact, I have found very little difference in how they feel and think compared to us - except that they can’t speak up for themselves when they are being hurt or degraded. They can’t escape or fend for themselves as easily. They are vulnerable, and they are vulnerable – to us. It comes through loud and clear when an animal communicates that it has suffered. And it also comes through how displeased God is when His animals are tortured or neglected – instead of loved and cared for.

I share this with you in hopes of opening your eyes and heart – so you can be mindful of how you treat animals. How you care for, or hurt them, will create either a strong Karmic Blessing or Karmic Consequence. God has made it clear to me that He did not create animals for entertainment or as a means of profit – under any circumstances. He created them to give us, humans, a Gift. He wanted to give us affectionate companions and beautiful creatures to admire and care for.

If you want to receive more Karmic Blessings, keep yourself aware of how you engage with animals. They are a test for us here…

Oracle Maureen

AAUF Founder


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