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African boy at water relief station

Human Causes


Here are some highlights of past fundraisers that we have done to help bring relief to our world. We are so grateful for your generosity. Thank you for helping make our world better.


War on Ukraine

The war on Ukraine is cruel and inhumane. While we may not be able to stop Putin's actions, we can do what is in our power- help refugees recover. In the first half of our campaign, AAUF raised over $3,500 and partnered with B Strong who is working to get refugees out of Ukraine and rehoused. Your donations are funding their transportation, lodging, airfare, and food. We so greatly appreciate your donations to help them rebuild their lives. 

Heaven has guided Founder Maureen Allan to continue this campaign due to the dire need of these refugees. AAUF will be partnering with Red Cross to further support the refugees and the areas that they have fled to. Please continue to give so that refugees can receive the water, food, medical supplies, and housing needs that they so desperately need. 

Fundraisers: Classes and Events

Date: April-Current

Charity Partner: B Strong

Amount Donated: $3,553

Donation Receipt: Download


Ethiopia in Crisis

You may be unaware of a violent crisis that is happening in Ethiopia. Sadly, the lack of news coverage is deliberate. The Ethiopian government has been blocking journalists and making it difficult for them to cover the tragedies. They are doing this because they are (also) guilty of committing horrific acts of violence.

There is a war going on between the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and Ethiopian government forces. As the opposing sides fight for the land in the Tigray region, numerous acts of cruelty have been committed on innocent and vulnerable villagers at the hands of both the Ethiopian soldiers and their opposition, the TPLF. For the last year, tens of thousands of people have been killed, thousands have been driven out of the Tigray Region, and nearly 400,000 are starving in a famine-level state.

Soldiers are forcing Tigray people from their homeland using violent means, also known as Ethnic Cleansing. Soldiers on both sides are committing atrocious acts against innocent villagers in their pursuit of trying to take the land. Ethiopians are suffering gang rapes, child rapes, torture killings, massacres, looting, pillaging, burning homes, destroying hospitals, ruining crops, and killing livestock-- all to drive them out of the area. 

More than 2 million people have been displaced within Ethiopian's Tigray region since the fighting began, with about half fleeing after they were driven out because their homes were burned down. Many are finding refuge in nearby areas like Sudan. They had to leave without their possessions and have no income, food, medical care, or homes. They need help starting over. Everything has been taken from them. 

The United Nations is investigating both parties in the war for "crimes against humanity" and "war crimes." Please help them recover and start over. They have been horrifically abused in some of the most barbaric ways possible. Please show compassion to them and help them. 

Fundraisers: Classes and Events

Date: January-March 2022

Charity Partner: UNICEF USA

Amount Donated: $5,100

Donation Receipt: Download

Image by Stijn Kleerebezem

Feed the Hungry in Africa: Jesus’s Birthday Wish 

I was given a message from Jesus that He had a wish for His birthday this Christmas. When the Lord visited me, He said He wanted to “Feed the starving in Africa.” 


Jesus showed me visions of countless people in Africa that would not be sitting down to a nice Christmas dinner and in fact, would not be eating at all. He made me feel their hunger pangs as well as their despair and hopelessness. I want to give Jesus His birthday wish and raise money for the starving in Africa, which is a painful and debilitating hardship that most all of us here cannot relate to. 


For this reason, and so many others, please feed those going hungry. Please give Jesus His birthday wish and donate to help feed the starving in Africa.

Fundraiser Event: Group Reading & Donations

Date: December 16, 2021

Location: Virtual

Charity Partner: International Rescue Committee

Amount Donated: $1044.50   

Donation Receipt: Download

Aerial view of flooding in Louisiana

Help Louisiana Recover from Devastation After Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida caused damage from Louisiana to metropolitan New York. Ida classified as a Category 4 storm, one of the strongest storms to hit the region since Hurricane Katrina created dangerous flash floods and tornadoes across the Northeast after leaving much of the South devastated and sadly taking 13 lives so far, and many injured. More than one million people struggles without electricity, cars under water, homes destroyed and many are displaced and in desperate need of basic needs. Please help your fellow man in their time of crisis recover from the devastation that Hurricane Ida caused and give so they can re-build their lives.

Fundraiser Event: Group Reading

Date: October 15, 2021

Location: Virtual

Charity Partner: American Red Cross

Amount Donated: $390

Donation Receipt: Download


Help Afghanistan Crisis: Rescue People Who Had to Flee the Taliban

The people looking to escape Afghanistan need help our help. Many Afghans and U.S. representatives, who have helped Afghanistan, are desperately evacuating Afghanistan as the Taliban takes over control of Afghanistan using harmful ruling practices. Women and children are now under the threat of being mistreated with oppression and intimidation under the Taliban's rule and need to flee the country, to protect themselves from being trapped in a dangerous and oppressive life. Please help them flee this threatening environment and give them basic needs so they can start over! 


Fundraiser Event 1: Prayer Vigil to Help Get US Released From COVID

Date: September 01, 2021

Location: Virtual

Fundraiser Event 2: Group Reading

Date: September 10, 2021

Location: Virtual

Charity Partner: UNICEF

Amount Donated: $450

Donation Receipt: Download

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Homeless man sitting by a suitcase with a homemade sign

Help the Homeless

The burdens that the homeless face are heartbreaking. Can you imagine living on the streets or in a shelter? Many factors force people to live in these difficult conditions like mental illness, drug addiction, domestic violence, and loss of income. No matter what drove them to leave their home and live on the streets, they are suffering and need our help to survive.


Fundraiser Event: Group Reading

Date: August 13, 2021

Location: Virtual

Charity Partner: Los Angeles Mission

Amount Donated: $880.00

Donation Receipt: Download

Young boy drinking water out of a spigot

Clean Water for Haiti

Every year thousands of people in Haiti are stricken with life-threatening diseases caused by drinking water contaminated with bacteria and parasites. The lack of proper sanitation in this underprivileged country has made it impossible for the people of Haiti to safely drink, cook, and bathe with one of our most basic needs: Clean Water.


They use poorly sanitized water and lack proper equipment like faucets for running water. They also resort to collecting their own water from streams and rivers riddled with microscopic parasites unseen to the naked eye. Thirsty and trying to survive, they unknowingly ingest this toxic water. Because of this hardship, the people of Haiti are not only suffering , but they dying from their toxic water sources. Please help them by giving them clean water!


Fundraiser Event: Group Reading

Date: May 12, 2017

Location: Hyatt Regency, MN

Charity Partner: Clean Water for Haiti US

Amount Donated: $960.00

Donation Receipt: Download

Malnourished child at food relief station

Feed Starving Children in Africa

Children in Africa are suffering, greatly! They are the unfortunate victims where dire living conditions such as homelessness, hunger, poverty, and violence from the militia have devastated the community of Darfur, Africa. Please help bring them relief by giving them basic needs to survive and improve their quality of living. Please help save the children!

Fundraiser Event: Group Readings
Dates: May 4 & 5, 2016
Location: Marriott Hotel, Bloomington, MN
Partnering Charity: International Rescue Committee
Charity Partner: Save The Children
Amount Donated: $1,050

Photo Credit

Hungry and impoverished Indian girl eating food

Feed Starving in India

People are starving in India. They are weak from malnutrition which renders them bedridden and unable to function. Their stomachs are bloated from lack of food and clean water. This also affects their children. They need help desperately. We have so much more here in the US. Please share what you have and save a starving person in India. Their quality of life depends on it!


Fundraiser Event: Group Reading

Date: August 13, 2015

Location: Private Home in Laguna Beach, CA

Charity Partner: People First India

Amount Donated: $2,500

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